App Development & Design

Let your clients download your App from Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Store, Windows and even Blackberry!



A company App can help you gain more clients, increase your sales, and even help you with your online visibility!


Show off your skills and have your customers schedule their appointments from your downloadable app!

Healthcare System

Having a mobile application can provide superior user experience. Your app will be developed according to what you and your customers need!


Whether the order is for take out or dine in, the integrated electronic payment system with our fully developed apps can help you with payment processing without any problems!

Religious Sect

Some churches prefer to have an app to effectively communicate with their audience, increase their subscriptions, and push important notifications.

Insurance Company

Providing value to your customers can help you with your direct client marketing! You can provide quick information about prices, discounts, messengers, and more!

Cab Company

Being able to provide great customer service is what any cab owner wants! Not only does an app make the job easier, it will give you the perfect gateway of communication with your passenger!


Our education system has greatly changed, it is fast-paced but more convenient to those who are juggling two jobs! Let your students study from their phones, tablets, and even on your website!


If you are in the catering business, you know how hard it is to keep up with your customers. But having an online ordering system can change everything!


Are you a travel agent or own a travel company? If yes, then let SSNet make an app for you! Let them know about the latest offers for hotels, vacation packages, and popular tourist destinations!

Real Estate

Being a real estate agent and/or realtor can be challenging. Creating an app for your business can help showcase your listings, have a GPS-based directions to the newest open house and properties you have sold!


If your company offers electrician, roofing, plumbing, and HVAC services, then having an app can certainly benefit with promoting your business, scheduling appointments and help people rate your business!

Your App Can Be Downloaded From

Other Applications We Develop

  • Fashion
  • Construction
  • Musicians
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness
  • Veterinary
  • Finance
  • Wedding
  • And Many More!!

Features On Your Mobile Application

  • Social Media Integration and Sharing
  • Scheduling System
  • Chat system
  • Multimedia (Audio, Photos and Videos)
  • Contact Forms
  • Map
  • Text Page
  • Coupons
  • Food Ordering System
  • Store
  • Membership Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • In App Purchases
  • Shopping Cart
  • QR Code
  • Blog
  • Website Integration
  • E-reader
  • News
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