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How to install Ubuntu, Virtual Box and Adjust from 32bit to 64bit:

A virtual machine or virtualization is when you take a set of the CPU, RAM and hard drive together and allocate them into distinct pieces that can be viewed as independent systems.

Many ask what are the reasons why people use virtual machines. There benefits are are actually very practical and cheap. Such as…being able to try a new operating system without buying a physical computer, run old software that may not be compatible with your current operating system, create snapshots that restores on demand, create programs by the use of a terminal without compromising the original system on your computer and even execute or test malware that is opened through email attachments.

Virtual machines are usually a developer’s best friend because of its ability to help create applications and other software for different platforms. The simplified testing of the written codes, testing and deploying application can make everything easier during the development process.

Installing Ubuntu

  1. Go to

    ubuntu desktop

  2. Click the Ubuntu Desktop Option which will take you to different versions of the desktop operating system. save ubuntu desktop

  1. Download the Ubuntu OS by clicking “Download.” ubuntu operating system

  1. Save your file in the chosen directory. After downloading, locate your file and load it in your Virtualbox.  save location ubuntu operating system

  1. Click “New” on your Virtualbox on the upper left side of the main menu and follow the instructions on installing a new operating to virtualbox

  1. Add a name to the operating system. In this case we are installing Ubuntu 10, so for uniformity, we will be naming it as Ubuntu 10.adding ubuntu to virtualbox

  1. You can also adjust your memory size according to your specific needs and the size of your operating system.

adjusting size of virtualbox for ubuntu

  1. Leave the default options in the “Create Virtual Machine” option, proceed to  “create”  and follow the instructions in the next steps while also leaving the default options.

creating virtual machine

  1. Now open the newly-created virtual machine by double clicking. Please locate your Ubuntu iso and load it into the “Select Start-Up Disk” option.loading the ubuntu iso to virtual machine

Installing a Virtual Machine

  1. Go to and click downloads on the left corner.

how to install virtual box

  1. Choose which operating system you are using. In this case, we will be choosing WINDOWS HOST

how to install virtual box

  1. Choose a location in your PC, click SAVE

how to install virtual box

  1. Go to the location of Virtual Box and follow the instructions for installation.

virtual box 5.2.22

Adjusting 32 BIT to 64 BIT for Virtual Box

After installing Virtualbox, you may encounter another problem when trying to install an operating system. Specifically not being able to install a 64bit OS. This is usually solved by changing some parts of the BIOS in your computer.

  1. Enter into your system BIOS by pressing F1, F2, or F10 depending on your computer.

  2. Scroll to Advanced  and enable the “Virtualization Technology” option, save your changes and restart the computer and reload your Virtual Box. There you will see the changes you have applied in your system bios

enabling virtualization technology

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