Basic & Easy Photoshop Editing and Airbrushing


This easy and basic Photoshop editing can help you with minor changes on your photos. The Airbrushing Actions can be downloaded from Brusheezy.


The screen capturing software, Loom being used in this video has two versions:

1. Google Chrome Extension which can be used directly from the Google Chrome Browser

2. Desktop Version.

Download Loom as an extension:

1. To download the extension please visit Chrome App Store and input Loom in the search bar.

2. Click Add to Chrome – The extension should be seen on the top right corner of the browser and can be used directly from Google Chrome.

Download Loom as a Desktop Version:

1. To download the desktop version, please go to Loom

2. Click Get Loom for Free.

3. Follow the instructions for downloading.

To Load Action Brushes to Photoshop CS6:

1. Download Action brush (for example: from Brusheezy). Action brushes should end in .atn

2. Locate downloaded Action Brush and load it in Photoshop by clicking the Action Window.

Loading Action Brushes

3. Click Load. Your Action Brushes should load and can be seen in your Action Toolbar Window

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