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The Giant Pink Rabbit On Top Of An Italian Mountain

The title may raise some eyebrows but this so called rabbit really is on top of an Italian mountain just above the town of Artesina, Piedmonte region of Northern Italy. Its 200-feet long, 20 feet high and was knitted by a group of artists for over five years. They named this giant fluff, Hase; a sticky – none boring twist of syllables from the word “Hare.”

For those who cannot travel to the northern regions of the Italian Alps. You can always search this pink rabbit on Google Earth and it will directly lead you to the mountain where it lays on.

The artists and their vision

The gigantic plush toy was created by Gelitin. A group of artists comprised of four members; namely Tobias Urban, Wolfgang Gantner, Florian Reither and Ali Janka from Vienna, Austria. The four met during a summer camp in 1978 and worked together since. They launched their first exhibit in 1993.

The artists wanted to create that surreal feeling of being tiny while in the midst of this huge stuffed bunny. Mimicking the adventures of Jonathan Swift’s timeless tale, Gulliver’s Travel – from where the Lilliputians felt so powerless and insignificant the moment Lemuel Gulliver arrived in Lilliput.

The giant pink rabbit is mostly made of wool and straw. No one really knows how many people it took to make this enormous toy but because of none stop speculations – a legend rose from all the queries. It was said that more than a dozen grannies helped the artists knit this mammoth-like masterpiece.

Getting to know the rabbit

Hase is not the average stuffed rabbit. If you zoom in using Google Earth his ears look like parts of them were bitten off, one eye almost plucked out, his sort of organs are bursting from the lower left side of his body, and there is that certain look of fright on his face.  The image seems like this four legged creature was originally made for a villainous and creepy mascot on the videogame Friday Nights at Freddy’ and because of how he looks, Hase closely resembles to an animal that was ran over by a vehicle on the road.

It is estimated that the hulking hare will stay on the hilltop for at least twenty (20) years since it was made in 2005 and will then be left to rot.  Despite his grim description, Hase still attracts many tourists from all parts of the globe. People take the long hike just to lie on his belly or to take pictures beside his exposed intestines.  

The Weather and the Grannies

As any other toy owned by a child, the rabbit does have signs of wear and tear. However, these signs of depletion were not caused by the people climbing on top of him or by the ones continuously taking pictures for memorabilia. But are really caused by the changing weather…which is quite understandable if you were a colossal plush toy laying on top of a mountain.

Why did Gelitin make Hase?

No one really knows for sure why Gelitin created Hase but according to the legend they helped spread, the one dozen grannies who knitted this magnificent sculpture was a symbolic way for the artists to show the world that each thread sewn into this toy was a sign of their love and is supposed to bring joy to anyone every time they are around or on top of him. Besides the secretiveness of the origin of their idea, the real measurement of the plush toy is also not known. Everything is just an estimate on how big it is based on the images provided.




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